Comic Spotlight – Iron Man #9

Comic Spotlight – Iron Man #9

Iron Man 9

Published Date: Jan. 1969

Featured Characters:

Iron Man


Mei Ling (First appearance)
Hulk (Robot)

I’m a sucker for Hulk battles and any comic in general with the hulk so I recently added this book to my collection and I was rather disappointed in the end. I won’t spoil it for you just in case you haven’t read it.

We start off in the United states with the Mandarin planning to send a Hulk robot to kidnap Tony Stark and Janice Cord. Both Tony and Janice are attempting to complete their merger deal. The meeting is crashed by robo hulk and kidnaps Janice. Tony changes into Iron Man and off he goes…

Robo Hulk and Iron Man battle across the city and the robo hulk is finally defeated when Iron Man knocks him into a generator. When the dust settles Tony discovers that the hulk was just a robot. Unfortunately for Stark, The Mandarin saw the whole thing and he now knows that Tony Stark and The Iron Man are the same.

Overall it was great comic and a great read and I managed to get it for a great price in pretty good shape.

High: $420

Mid: $22.40

Low: $5.60

Author: Comic Quester

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